Norwegian Dinner Grace
I Jesu navn
går vi til bords
å spise, drikke på ditt ord.
Deg, Gud til ære, oss til gavn,
Så får vi mat i Jesu navn.


In Jesus' name
We go to the table
To eat and drink at your Word
You, God, to honor, We, to receive,
So we receive food in Jesus' name.


Bergen History

  • 1070 Bergen is founded by King Olav Kyrre
  • 1240 The city is declared the capital of Norway in place of Trondheim
  • 1299 Oslo replaces Bergen as the capital of Norway
  • 1319 Norway is linked with Sweden
  • 1349 The Black Death kills half the Norwegian community
  • 1360 The Hanseatic League establishes Bergen as a Kontor
  • 1380 Norway and Denmark are united under the same king
  • 1599 The power of the Hanseatic League is broken by feudal lord Kristofer Walckendorf
  • 1702 The Great Fire destroys much of Bergen
  • 1754 Bergen ceases trading as a Kontor
  • 1814 Denmark cedes Norway to Sweden
  • 1872 Bergen yacht club is established
  • 1874 First public library is opened
  • 1882 First telephone switchboard is installed
  • 1898 Bergen Exhibition
  • 1900 Bergen receives electricity for the first time
  • 1905 Union with Sweden is dissolved
  • 1913 New railway station is constructed
  • 1916 The Great Fire: 400 properties are destroyed, 3000 people are made homeless
  • 1917 Bergen's first modern quay for larger overseas vessels opens at Skoltegrunn Quay
  • 1972 Public referendum votes against Norway becoming a member of the EC

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100 Things to do in Norway
Here is a neat website "Jen Reviews" that shows the things you must see and do when visiting Norway.  We have only done about 10% of these, so I guess my wife and I need to plan a future trip!

Norway in a Nutshell

"The Norway in a nutshell ® trip takes you through some of Norway's most beautiful fjord scenery. You can experience the scenic Bergen Railway, the breathtaking Flåm Railway, the Aurlandsfjord, the narrow Nærøyfjord and the steep hairpin bends of Stalheimskleiva".

This is a self-guided tour that we took a few years ago, and highly recommend.  It includes trains, a bus, and a boat trip.  We started out, and ended at Oslo, with an overnight stay in Bergen.  On the train rides, we stopped counting tunnels when they exceeded 20.  It was neat riding the train with all the locals, which included dogs, skiers, and all age groups.

The fjord boat trip was memorable, with some great waffles served while enjoying the scenery.  I still remember a mail-bag being thrown down to a remote dock along an isolated area of the fjord.  Flam had a great view, but seemed a bit commercialized, as a cruise ship destination. 

We wish we would have stayed in Bergen longer, as it seemed a much more a relaxed pace, with people enjoying food and drink.  Olso was much larger and very metropolitan, with a faster pace.  All of Norway is very expensive, but a trip that we will never forget.